About AML Education

AMLE is a brand new state of the art e-learning and training platform for compliance and risk professionals working in the AML/CFT arena.

It delivers practical and powerful training solutions for effective learning in accessible bite sized modules. Learners connect with engaging content for an interactive online learning experience so that concepts are easily understood and absorbed.

Content is presented in modules using a range of interactive learning techniques including animated video, gamification, chat bots, storytelling and live lessons to meet the unique learning needs of each individual.

AMLE ticks all the boxes in terms of meeting expected CPD requirements and provides a recognised certification programme with a high quality examination and certification process.

The platform includes a template facility so that official forms for routine tasks such as conducting risk assessments, delivering SLAs, establishing policies and procedures, and internal reporting can rapidly be created.

AMLE is a stand-alone subscription module of ORBS™ (Online Risk Based Systems™) and it will feed into the ORBS™ Risk Dashboard to provide a complete picture of an entity’s risk.

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