Annual Assurance Testing

An annual subscription testing service for small to medium financial institutions who need ongoing, independent assurance that their sanction screening system is working as expected.

The benefits of Annual Assurance Testing

Annual Assurance Testing is needed by both traditional and non-traditional financial institutions to:

Our testing methodology ensures total data security and requires neither the installation of any software nor any IT integration with a customer’s systems so that that there will never be any data protection issues.

Sandbox Test Builder

A flexible testing solution

Annual Assurance Testing (AAT) is a new, versatile solution from AML Analytics that provides a flexible approach to testing a sanction screening system, facilitating the creation of a bespoke test on a recurring annual basis. Our sanction screening system testing solutions are used and depended on by over 50 regulators around the world.

AAT is a trusted solution that is in line with minimum regulatory expectations for the testing of a sanction screening system on an annual basis.

In line with regulatory expectation

AAT is tailored to each customer’s specific requirements according to their jurisdiction and risk appetite, and in terms of sanction list selection and test record type.

Whilst AAT is typically carried out each year, customers who require more frequent testing can add in extra tests. This can be repeated until the desired number of tests is reached

Testing will ensure that the effectiveness and the efficiency of a screening system is understood using a test containing control records and manipulated records. Manipulated records will have differing algorithms applied to test the fuzzy logic matching capabilities of your sanction screening system and a risk adjusted score to amend the result of risk decisions already made can be included.

Sandbox Test Breakdown

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