AML/CFT solutions

We are world leaders in the testing and validation of sanction screening and transaction monitoring systems, used by traditional and non-traditional financial institutions for protection against financial crime risk.

Now introducing ORBS (Online Risk Based Systems), a visionary risk analytics solution for intelligent reporting and supervision.

Our unrivalled RegTech and SupTech solutions are trusted by businesses, regulatory authorities and governments around the world.

We are world leaders in the testing and validation of sanction screening and transaction monitoring systems. What sets us apart?


AML Analytics brings unparalleled global expertise in AML/CFT at the highest level. We have tested many thousands of systems and currently work with some of the largest banks in the world testing complex multinational sanction screening processes with ease.


The AML Analytics team, solutions and processes are trusted around the globe by many governments and regulatory authorities with whom we have partnered. Our customers trust our reliability, ability and integrity which is why our work is recommended so highly.


AML Analytics is uniquely placed to guide our customers through the complex and ever-changing sanctions and AML/CFT landscape with confidence. Our leading RegTech and SupTech solutions provide detailed metrics to assure critical decision making.


AML Analytics is a cutting-edge technology company with a team of talented professionals delivering unrivalled RegTech and SupTech solutions to our customers. Our progressive research is shaping the future of the anti-financial crime and risk technology market through innovation.

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Cutting-edge RegTech and SupTech testing, validation and risk assessment solutions for financial institutions and regulatory authorities.

Online Risk Based Systems

ORBS (Online Risk Based Systems) is an ingenious new risk framework solution for intelligent reporting and supervision. It has been created to help governments, regulatory authorities and supervisors understand and assess the levels of AML/CFT risk within their jurisdiction so that inherent vulnerabilities can be identified and appropriate mitigating controls applied.

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Analyser Online

Analyser Online is our customer communication hub. It provides access to the most advanced hosted testing facility for sanction screening and transaction monitoring system technologies, offering powerful analytics to help our customers understand test results quickly and easily and take remedial action to mitigate financial crime risk.

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Global Benchmark™

Subscribe to Global Benchmark™ to measure your sanction screening system performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and then regularly benchmark your scores to the industry-standard aggregated scores of your peers around the world.

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Sandbox is a powerful self-assessment tool designed to test the efficiency and effectiveness of your sanction screening system technologies. Sandbox enables firms to create their own sanction screening system tests to suit corporate requirements and risk appetite.

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Annual Assurance Testing

Our annual subscription service, Annual Assurance Testing, allows you to tailor tests to suit individual testing requirements and corporate risk appetite. 

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Red Flag Tests

Red Flag Tests is designed to carry out an on-the-spot transaction monitoring system health check by exercising red flag rules using Smart Scenarios consisting of millions of rows of synthetic transaction data to mimic the exact transactional patterns of defined money laundering typologies.

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Transaction Monitoring Validator

TMV (Transaction Monitoring Validator) is an innovative RegTech solution to enable ongoing, frequent validation and testing of a transaction monitoring system in line with current regulatory requirements.

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Sanctions Alert Service

The free Sanctions Alert Service (SAS) from AML Analytics provides details of real time updates to important sanction lists worldwide, allowing financial institutions to monitor sanction list changes as they happen.

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The total value of AML fines received by financial institutions around the globe in 2022
£ 1 b

The largest AML fine ever received was in January 2023 by a bank in Denmark for transaction monitoring failures
£ 1 b

The total value of fines issued by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2022
£ 1 m

The number of AML penalties given and actions taken by regulators around the globe in 2022