Insurance Benchmark

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    With Insurance Benchmark, insurers can gain competitive advantage by comparing their sanction screening efficiency and effectiveness scores to the scores of their peers around the world.

    Insurance Benchmark from AML Analytics is a simple way for an insurance firm to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of its sanction screening system each month and then compare its scores to the aggregated efficiency and effectiveness sanction screening scores of insurers around the world.

    The Insurance Benchmark is created specifically from the anonymised monthly sanction screening system test results of insurance firms of all sizes.

    It’s the perfect way for insurers to check that their sanction screening performance is in line with the current market standard.

    Insurance Benchmark

    One of a kind

    AML Analytics is the only company in the world to offer a sanction screening system performance benchmarking solution to the insurance market, and the Insurance Benchmark is our first industry specific benchmark.

    Control and manipulated level

    Monthly Insurance Benchmark customer screening system scores are published at both control and manipulated level.

    Insurance Benchmark
    Insurance Benchmark

    Total data security

    No integration with IT systems or access to customer data is ever required so there are no data protection issues, making our Insurance Benchmark testing process simple and straightforward.

    The benefits

    Unique technologies for automated or manual screening systems

    Strategic benchmarking with peer-comparative data to drive ongoing analysis

    Improve performance through evidence-based tuning exercises

    Report to regulators with transparency and data-driven explainability

    Peer group comparison provides robust and rigorous comparison metrics

    Use compliance as a competitive advantage to outperform peers

    Access to the latest from the most important global sanction lists

    Benchmark scores

    Global Benchmark

    Global Benchmark™ is the solution from AML Analytics that allows financial institutions to measure their sanction screening system performance and then benchmark their scores against industry-standard aggregated scores of their peers around the world.

    We publish monthly global, regional and industry-specific benchmark scores for both client and payment screening systems, whilst also providing specific benchmark scores for Chinese character testing!

    Asia Benchmark​​​

    AML Analytics also offers an additional Benchmark score to customers in Asia called the Asia Benchmark. Asia Benchmark scores are available at both control and manipulated level for customer screening systems and transaction screening systems.

    Financial institutions subscribing to our Asia Benchmark service are able to measure their own sanction screening performance and then compare it specifically to their peers in Asia using the Asia Benchmark average scores in Analyser Online™.

    Our solutions

    Cutting-edge RegTech and SupTech testing, validation and risk assessment solutions for financial institutions and regulatory authorities.

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